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Song Lyrics from The Roseland Barndance

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The Dark Eyed Sailor (Trad. Arr. North Cregg)

As I went a walking one evening fair, it being the summer to take the air
I spied a female with a sailor boy and I stood to listen
I stood to listen to hear what they might say.

He said "Young maiden now why do you roam all along by yonder Lee?"
She heaved a sigh and the tears they did roll, "For my dark eyed sailor,
For my dark eyed sailor, he ploughs the stormy seas."

He said "You can drive him from your mind for another young man you surely will find.
Love turns a sight and it soon grows cold like a winter's morning,
Like a winter's morning the hills are white with snow."

She said "I'll not forsake my dear although we've been parted for many's the year.
For gentle he was not a rake like you, oh my dark eyed sailor,
Oh my dark eyed sailor he shall come home again."

There is a cottage by yonder Lee, the couple live there and do agree.
So maids be true when your lover's at sea for a stormy morning,
For a stormy morning brings on a sunny day.


Barbara Allen (Trad. Arr. North Cregg)

In Scarlet town where I was born there lived a fair maid dwelling
Made every youth cry will the day, her name was Barbara Allen.

All in the merry month of May when green buds they were swelling
Young Jimmy Grove on his death bed lay for love of Barbara Allen.

And death is printed on his face and all his thoughts are stealing
Then haste away to comfort him, lovely Barbara Allen.

And slowly slowly she came on and slowly she came by him
And all she said when there she came "Young man I think you're dying."

When he was dead and laid in grave here heart was filled with sorrow
"Oh mother, mother make my bed for I shall die tomorrow."

"Farewell", she said, "ye maidens all and shun the fault I fell in
Henceforth take warning by the fall of cruel Barbara Allen."


An Raibh tú ag an gCarraig (Trad. Arr. North Cregg)

An raibh tú ag an gCarraig nó an bhfaca tú féin mo ghrá?
Nó an bhfaca tú gile, finne agus scéimh na mná?
Nó an bhfaca tú mo Valintín nó an bhfuil sí á cloí mar táim?

Bhí mé ag an gcarraig agus chonaic mé féin do ghrá
Agus chonaic mé gile, finne agus scéimh na mná
Agus chonaic mé do Valintín agus níl sí á cloí mar táir.


Go Your Way (Composed by Anne Briggs)

Drawing water from the well
Spilling over on the grass
Walking home my heart is filled with sorrow
You go your way my love.

As I wonder through the trees
Picking up the windy leaves
I wonder where you may be sleeping now
You go your way my love.

May the west wind speed you travels
May the sun be on your hair
I'll make believe that I am with you
All over there my love, you go your way, my love.

Friends and strangers bring me stories
When I ask where you might be
Magic stories they have brought to me
You go your way, my love.

As I sit here mending clothes
That you will never wear
Looking daily for you I do prepare
You go your way, my love.

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